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What About Window Sills?

Here at US Home Windows, we spend a lot of time talking about Home Replacement Windows. We’ve just started this blog a little over a month ago, and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all of the latest home replacement window technology. However, there’s one little topic that … [Read more...]

Comparing Vinyl Replacement Windows: What's Right For You

"A window is a window is a window, right?" Sophie Jorges looked up from her computer and shook her head. "That’s what I thought when I started researching home replacement windows. Nothing could be further from the truth!" Comparing vinyl replacement windows can seem tricky. After all, Sophie’s a … [Read more...]

Evaluating Vinyl Replacement Windows

When considering home replacement windows, evaluating vinyl replacement windows is a necessity. Vinyl replacement windows are often the best choice for the homeowner, as they perform well under a variety of environmental conditions, require little if any maintenance, are affordable and attractive. … [Read more...]

Replacement Home Windows Improve Home's Appearance

"You can see that the previous owners were trying to do a good thing," said Eric Hayes. He’s standing in front of his home, a classic Colonial with some unfortunate appearance issues. "They replaced the original windows with these aluminum replacement windows -- and you can see it’s just ruined the … [Read more...]

What Are Low E Windows?

If you’ve been considering home replacement windows, especially if energy efficiency is important to you, you’ve run across the term Low E Windows. Let’s take a moment and discuss what Low E Windows are and why you might want to consider installing Low E Windows in your home. Low E Windows are … [Read more...]

Replacement Storm Windows: Are They Right For You?

As an unexpected late spring storm batters the East Coast, many homeowners are looking outside and wondering, "Do we need replacement storm windows?" Replacement storm windows are installed over the first window. Some of the main benefits of replacement storm windows are added insulation and … [Read more...]

Energy Efficient Windows: Save Money & The Planet

You can’t turn on the news, pick up a paper or surf the web today without hearing about rising energy costs. From the price of gas for your car to the transportation costs manufacturers are starting to pass along to consumers, everything’s getting more expensive. The energy needed to heat and cool … [Read more...]

Finding Home Improvement Contractors to Install Replacement Windows

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to improving the comfort, quality and beauty of your home by choosing to replace your existing windows. You may have even selected the style and type of home replacement windows you want to use. Now it’s time for the next step: figuring out how to get … [Read more...]

Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Windows: Which is Right for You?

While considering home replacement windows, one question is sure to crop up. There’s a perpetual debate between fiberglass VS. vinyl windows. Which one is right for you? Let’s start with the basics. If you’re replacing old, leaky windows, either choice is sure to be an improvement. There’s no … [Read more...]

Home Window Replacement Results in Comforts & Savings

It used to be that if you stood in Marilee’s Martha’s Vineyard kitchen, you could feel the salt breezes literally wrapping round you. "It was horrible," Marilee said. "The whole room was chilly and drafty. When it was cold outside, it was cold in here, unless I ran the heater non-stop. With rising … [Read more...]