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Replacement Window Prices

Home replacement windows are a wise investment, there’s no doubt about it. Home replacement windows help homeowners conserve energy, lowering heating costs. They improve a home’s appearance and can raise resale value. However, before you can enjoy the benefits of home replacement windows, you have … [Read more...]

Double Hung Replacement Window Inserts: Improve Efficiency While Retaining Good Looks

We talk a lot on this blog about how home replacement windows can improve the look of your home -- and it’s true! If your current home windows are older, single pane, leaky windows, or perhaps flimsy aluminum replacement windows, the appearance of your home may very well be improved by installing … [Read more...]

Home Replacement Window Maintenance

One of the main benefits of home replacement windows, both vinyl home replacement windows and fiberglass home replacement windows, is the easy maintenance regimen both require. Old fashioned wooden framed windows needed lots of care: annual or semi-annual painting, regular checking of the window’s … [Read more...]

Impact Resistant Home Windows

The clouds hung thick and low over the Atlantic ocean, ominous black heralds of an approaching storm. A cold wind was blowing, stirring up sand and driving white capped waves. "Normally, I’d be worried sick," said Lettie Holmes. "You never know what the storm’s going to pick up and throw around." … [Read more...]

Home Replacement Window Styles

"The problem with ‘regular’ windows," said Carl, a replacement window specialist, "is that every house has ‘regular’ windows. What’s a ‘regular’ window? Is it a double-hung or a casement? Does a ‘regular’ window open?" He shrugged. "I just don’t know!" Carl is not alone in his frustration. … [Read more...]

Replacement Doors: Upgrade Options

"I don't know," said Trey McAllister, standing in his front yard.  "The new vinyl home replacement windows look fantastic -- but something was missing."  For Trey -- and legions of other home owners -- that 'something missing' is the front door.  After upgrading to new energy efficient fiberglass … [Read more...]

Do Home Replacement Windows Cause Condensation?

"I don’t know," Marguerite sighed. She looked at her new home replacement windows. "The windows are beautiful, and we’re certainly warmer than ever before. Our energy bills are much lower. But there’s this fog on the windows almost every morning, and I hate it! Isn’t there anything that can be … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Replace My Windows?

When is the best time to install home replacement windows? That’s a question that plagues many homeowners. They look at their existing windows and know that they’re not the most energy efficient. They realize that they might be losing up to 40% of their home’s energy to the great outdoors. Yet, … [Read more...]

Thermal Windows: Up Close and Personal

In this entry, we’re going to take an up close and personal look at thermal windows. What exactly are thermal windows? Why are thermal windows considered an absolute necessity by so many homeowners? Do you need thermal windows in your home? What are thermal windows? The first question is the … [Read more...]

Vinyl Window Performance

Homeowners opt for vinyl home replacement windows for many reasons: to save energy, to improve their home’s appearance, and to add value to their home. How can a home owner know that a vinyl home replacement window will perform as promised? One way to tell a quality vinyl home replacement window … [Read more...]