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The Top Three Reasons You Don't Want Home Replacement Windows

Long time readers of this blog are familiar with the many positive reasons why you might want to consider home replacement windows. Vinyl home replacement windows and fiberglass home replacement windows offer substantial benefits to home owners. Energy efficiency, improved comfort and home security … [Read more...]

The Best Home Replacement Windows

Marlene thought home replacement window shopping was going to be a quick errand. She stopped by the home replacement window shop while en route to another appointment, thinking that she could simply place an order and go on. Instead, she found herself answering a bunch of questions from the local … [Read more...]

Five Questions You Should Ask When Buying Home Replacement Windows

Is this type of window appropriate for my living environment? You live with windows a long time. You want to make sure you’re choosing the right home replacement windows. Are the windows durable and well constructed? Will they stand up to the wear and tear that is to be expected in your living … [Read more...]

Home Replacement Window Warranties

There’s nothing certain in this world, the saying goes, except death and taxes. That may be true -- but it’s not very comforting when considering installing home replacement windows. If you’re shelling out hundreds, even thousands of dollars upgrading your home windows, you want to know you made a … [Read more...]

Vinyl Home Replacement windows Help You Stay Cool in the Summer

Don’t believe the calendar -- summer is here! Soaring temperatures make reaching for the air conditioner tempting -- but high energy costs make that comfort costly. Don’t sweat it! Vinyl home replacement windows can help you stay as cool as a cucumber -- without making your wallet work overtime. To … [Read more...]

Vinyl Home Replacement Windows Come With Tax Benefits

Vinyl home replacement windows come with many benefits: energy efficiency, improved appearance, and impact resistance. Yet there was one benefit that came as a surprise to homeowner Meghann Crarey. "I’d gotten the Alside windows last fall, and I was very pleased with them," she explained. "They … [Read more...]

Triple Pane Glass: The Power of Three

Triple pane glass windows are a very popular option. If you’re shopping for home replacement windows, you’re sure to be presented with a selection of triple pane glass windows -- but you might not understand exactly what triple pane glass windows are nor what benefits they offer the homeowner. So … [Read more...]

Installing Home Replacement Windows: A Do It Yourself Job?

Home replacement windows offer homeowners many benefits. From energy efficiency to an improved appearance, sound buffering to impact resistance, UV protection and more, there’s a ever-expanding list of benefits affiliated with home replacement windows. However, these benefits come with a price: … [Read more...]

Vinyl Windows: The Inside Scoop

Vinyl windows are nothing new -- first introduced by BF Goodrich in 1959, they’ve been part of the American home renovation scene for nearly fifty years. Yet for all that longevity, many people don’t know very much about vinyl windows -- not what they’re made of, nor what advantages they offer the … [Read more...]

New Home Windows: The Dirty Little Secret Contractors Don't Want You To Know About

"My home isn’t even three years old," said Sophia. "How in the world can I need replacement windows already?" A glance at the electric bill in her hand, which had climbed astronomically during this winter’s particularly frigid cold snap, provided the answer: the original windows that came with the … [Read more...]