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Archives for August 2007

Replacement Window Installation: Finding the Best Contractor For You

The hard part is over: you’ve shopped for home replacement windows. You’ve considered vinyl home replacement windows and fiberglass home replacement windows. You’ve looked at aluminum home replacement windows and even considered window restoration. You’ve made a budget, selected your windows, and … [Read more...]

Alside Sheffield Vinyl Windows: Real World Performance

Shopping for replacement windows can be a nightmare. It doesn’t help that all the critical information you want to know -- about energy efficiency, impact resistance, durability, and so on -- is delivered in confusing terminology. Looking at an alphabet soup of ratings and abbreviations doesn’t … [Read more...]

Open the Door To Energy Efficiency

It’s well known that replacement windows can help increase a home’s energy efficiency, especially when high quality vinyl replacement windows or fiberglass replacement windows are installed in place of older, leaky single pane windows. However, the energy you use to heat and cool your home can also … [Read more...]

Put Hay Fever on Hiatus: Home Replacement Windows & Allergies

Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. Every spring, they suffer from the red eyes, running nose, pounding headache, sneezing and coughing fits that are part and parcel of environmental allergies. People would do anything to escape the agony -- including shelling out millions of … [Read more...]

The Health Benefits of Replacement Windows

There are many reasons that homeowners consider installing home replacement windows. Home replacement windows offer owners enhanced energy efficiency, an attractive appearance and ease of cleaning -- but did you know that installing replacement windows can have health benefits?It’s true! Replacement … [Read more...]

Home Replacement Windows One of Top Five Home Improvements

Every year, homeowners all across the nation take out loans to improve their homes. They renovate and replace, upgrade and update for a number of reasons: to increase the enjoyment they get from their homes, to accommodate growing families, and, most often of all, to raise the value of their … [Read more...]

Choosing Home Replacement Windows: Some Historical Considerations

"If I had lovely prairie style windows like you have in your house," Kellie, a recent commenter on a popular home blog wrote, "I might consider restoring ours rather than replacing, but as it is, ours are just plain vertical bars, nothing really artistic." Kellie’s not alone. There are certainly … [Read more...]

Are Vinyl Replacement Windows Durable?

Vinyl replacement windows are one of the most popular home upgrades going. However, there’s a lot of misinformation about vinyl replacement windows on the internet -- especially when it comes to vinyl replacement windows durability. Reading some reports, you’d imagine that vinyl replacement windows … [Read more...]

Original Construction Windows: A Prime Place to Cut Corners

Now, here at, we don’t spend much time blogging about what we read in the newspapers. After all, our focus is on helping you find the best replacement windows for your home, not on media critiques. However, a story in Thursday’s Washington Post caught our eye. In a column entitled … [Read more...]

Replacing Original Construction Windows: A Wise Move?

"You hate to say it," Meredith said, "especially when you’re talking about half-million, three-quarter of a million dollar homes, but it’s true." Meredith is a real estate agent specializing in high end properties. "The windows on these homes, particularly the newer homes, are disproportionately … [Read more...]