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Why are Vinyl Windows so popular?

Vinyl replacement windows, which first appeared in the American marketplace in the 1960’s, currently enjoy close to 60% of the replacement window market. On average, six out of ten homeowners who opt for home replacement windows choose to install vinyl home replacement windows, rather than wood … [Read more...]

Preserving the Essentials: Replacement Windows in Historic Homes

A recent debate in the Denver Post has us wondering: do replacement windows belong in historic homes? Throughout New England, of course, are hundreds of historic homes, built during the earliest days of our nation. Many of these homes have been continuously occupied, and serve as residences for … [Read more...]

Now I Have Home Replacement Windows: What Do I Do With My Storm Windows?

Now I Have Home Replacement Windows: What Do I Do With My Storm Windows? After having vinyl home replacement windows, fiberglass home replacement windows or wood home replacement windows installed, many homeowners find themselves asking: what in the world do I do with all of these storm … [Read more...]

Replacement Windows: Saving for Seniors

Home replacement windows offer superlative energy efficiency. Vinyl home replacement windows, fiberglass home replacement windows, and wood home replacement windows can all contribute to a more comfortable living environment. But can replacement windows save seniors money? The answer may be yes. … [Read more...]

Replacement Window Prices: Considering the Price Tag

Replacement window prices are a critical consideration when you’re planning to upgrade your home’s windows. Sure, you want to have all the benefits replacement windows offer: the energy efficiency, the improved appearance, the enhanced security, sound buffering and more -- but how much is it going … [Read more...]

The Best Replacement Windows for Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are the most popular upgrade for the American homeowner. Installing replacement windows can completely alter the look of your kitchen: the perfect way to accent new kitchen cabinets, appliances and flooring. Integrating views of an attractive backyard or street scene can contribute … [Read more...]

Replacement Windows and Indoor Air Quality

Multiple chemical sensitivity, environmental allergies, and asthma are all being diagnosed with increasing regularity. Replacement windows can play a role in how individuals who suffer with these conditions enjoy their homes. One of the main attractions of home replacement windows: vinyl home … [Read more...]

Comparing Replacement Windows: Four Questions to Ask

What is the most important consideration to me? When selecting home replacement windows, you need to know what the most important criteria are to you, as the individual homeowner. Are you hoping to upgrade your windows in an effort to attract buyers and raise the selling price on your home? Is there … [Read more...]