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Enhance Your Home's Beauty by Selecting the Right Replacement Windows

"I want to upgrade my windows," Namaah Hayette said, waving an elegant arm toward the home across the street. "But I don’t want them to look like that!" The brick home featured flimsy aluminum replacement windows, shiny metal frames glinting awkwardly in the sun. "Those stick out like sore thumbs -- … [Read more...]

Replacement Patio Doors and Security: Can Your Home Be Beautiful and Safe?

Patio doors, sliding glass doors, and French doors are attractive additions to any home: they offer beauty, grace, elegance, easy access to the outdoors, and, if you use high quality modern replacement patio doors, sliding glass doors, or French doors, energy efficiency. But what about security? … [Read more...]

Vinyl Windows: Three Reasons They're the Best Choice Now!

Home owners considering a remodel or upgrade have three options when it comes to replacement windows: vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, and wood windows. If you’re trying to figure out what the best replacement window option for you might be, consider the following facts about vinyl windows: Vinyl … [Read more...]

Window Replacement in MA: What a Homeowner Needs to Know

Homeowners who are considering window replacement in MA often find themselves with several questions. Let’s take a look at these common questions that you might want to consider so you can find the best replacement windows in MA. Here in historic New England, windows don’t come in standard cookie … [Read more...]

The Perfect Patio: How to find the ideal Patio Door

Spring is finally here -- or at least pretending to be, which is close enough in New England to get the renovation and upgrade plans started! With such an emphasis on outdoor living styles in the news, it’s a great time to consider your patio, your patio door, and how to select the ideal patio door … [Read more...]