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Sizzling Summer and Soaring Energy Prices Strengthen Call For Replacement Windows

Can we say "HEAT WAVE"?  Throughout much of the country this week, temperatures have sky-rocketed, sending the mercury soaring. Eighty degrees, ninety degrees, even one hundred degrees! Summer is here, and it's here with a vengence! At the same time, energy prices are continuing to rise.  … [Read more...]

Installing Replacement Windows Increases Comfort, Enhances Pest Control

The quality of education received at an institute of higher learning is dependent upon many things.  One of those things is the comfort of the faculty, staff and students.  Windows can play a pivotal role in comfort according to a recent article in The News Gazette. With old, single pane leaky … [Read more...]

Understanding Payback: How Vinyl Replacement Windows Pay for Themselves

"Home replacement windows pay for themselves!"  It's a common phrase you'll hear time and again while shopping for replacement windows.  But how true is it? How does payback work? How much money will you save, and how quickly can you recoup the cost of having replacement windows … [Read more...]

Installing Replacement Windows: A Do It Yourself Job?

Considering home replacement windows? There are many reasons to do so.  Home replacement windows offer the homeowner enhanced energy efficiency, which means more affordable heating and cooling bills. The insulated frames and rigid construction of high quality replacement windows, such as the Alside … [Read more...]