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Are Leaky Windows Stealing Your Financial Security?

How much money do you lose due to leaky windows in your home? It may be more than you think, according to the Department of Energy.  And surprisingly, while a great deal of energy escapes through older windows, particularly single pane windows, even more escapes around the windows.  Leaky seals, … [Read more...]

Ensure Tax Savings By Buying The Right Replacement Windows!

Energy efficiency has gained national importance. Window replacement is recognized as one stellar way to aid in energy independence and the reduction of harmful global emissions. Choosing the right replacement windows is a way to save money and the environment. Choosing replacement windows with … [Read more...]

Choosing Replacement Windows: Vinyl Window Maintenance

One of the primary considerations homeowners must take into account when selecting the best replacement windows is the upkeep and maintenance those windows require.  Despite what advertisers like to tell you, no replacement window is completely maintenance free: all windows get dirty, get exposed to … [Read more...]

Drawing the Curtain: Saying Farewell to One of the Replacement Window Industry's Leaders

It is with great sorrow that we note the passing of William Marvin, the founder of Marvin Windows and Doors. Mr. Marvin passed away earlier this week, at the age of 92. He leaves behind a proud legacy as the man who built Marvin Windows and Doors from a small regional business to a company that … [Read more...]