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Are Leaky Windows Stealing Your Financial Security?

How much money do you lose due to leaky windows in your home? It may be more than you think, according to the Department of Energy.  And surprisingly, while a great deal of energy escapes through older windows, particularly single pane windows, even more escapes around the windows.  Leaky seals, improperly installed replacement windows, failed caulk, and bad window seals can be to blame.

How Can I Tell If My Windows Are Leaking?

It is not difficult to determine if your windows are leaking. This is a job you can do yourself.  Simply hold a lighted candle or incense stick near the window on windy days. The flame or smoke will move where there are gaps. Exercise common sense and refrain from burning your house down. Don’t rely on glass temperature or the presence of condensation alone to find drafts. 

What Should I Do About Leaky Windows?

There are some stop-gap measures you can take to help the immediate loss of heated air from your home.  Caulking or weatherstripping can  help cut down on drafts — but if you truly want to remedy the situation, it’s probably time to start looking for replacement windows.  Vinyl replacement windows can be easily and affordably installed and begin paying for themselves almost immediately!  The payoff period for replacement windows (the period of time from installation until the costs are recouped by energy savings) varies from house to house: if you have significantly leaky windows, you could ‘pay off’ your windows in a handful of years.

Replacement Windows Save You Money On Energy Costs

By eliminating leaks and drafts, replacement windows allow you to retain more heated air.  This means your heating system runs less often, conserving fuel and energy.  This saves you money!  If you act now, qualified replacement windows can help you at tax time: eligible windows can help you secure a substantial tax credit.