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3 Tips for Regular Window Maintenance

Throughout the year your windows will endure all kinds strain from weather, temperature fluctuations, and debris. It important to not overlook your windows during your own home inspections. There are certain measures you can take to ensure your windows are functioning properly and looking good year … [Read more...]

Replace Your Vinyl Siding This Summer

Replacing your vinyl siding is a big decision where you spent hours researching materials and finding reliable professionals to work on your home. With 25 years of experience, US Home Improvement is an expert in this industry and here to recreate your vision of what you want your home to look like. … [Read more...]

Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Winter can take a toll on your home, especially your windows! If at any point you feel a cold draft through your windowsills, it’s time to get replacement windows for your home. This will help save you money on your energy bill with proper insulation. Leaky windows allow moisture, spring allergens … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Invest in a Sunroom

Spring is here and a great time to improve the aesthetics of your home with a sunroom! Here are some reasons why sunroom additions are worth your investment this year!   Enjoy the Outdoors Whether it’s too cold or hot outside, you won’t need to endure any of the harsh weather … [Read more...]

Replacement Windows in the Winter

Are you trying to cut down your heating or energy bill this winter? Many contractors usually do home renovations in the warmer weathers but US Home Improvement is here for you all year round, which means including the winter! Call US Home Improvement this week to get replacement windows for your … [Read more...]

Have You Gotten Your Windows Replaced?

Did you think maybe it might be time for new windows? Are the frames starting to splinter and are the cold drafts leaking through already? If so and you haven’t been thinking about getting your windows replaced, then you aren’t preparing for this upcoming brutal winter correctly! Leave your … [Read more...]

Preparing for New England Winter

Another brutal winter is predicted to hit New England this year, so be prepared this time and clean off the unwanted appearance of ice and snow on your roof with better insulation. It is most likely you have snow build up on your roof due to an insulation issue leading to an increase in your energy … [Read more...]

Tips for Door Installations: Professional vs DIY

A door installation whether you are a professional or not is no easy task. If you are trying to install a door yourself, it helps if the door isn’t heavy or intricate. Doors that are more elaborate should be handled by a professional contractor, especially an entry door since you need to make sure … [Read more...]

Award For Most Sustainable Siding Products Goes To James Hardie!

James Hardie was once again recognized by Green Builder Media for having the most sustainable siding products. Green Builder Media is Northern America’s leading media establishment that represents a residential building industry focused primarily on green building. They also conduct a Reader’s … [Read more...]

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Vinyl Siding Boston: The Right Choice for Your Home It does not matter if you have a new home or a home that is fifty years old; you still have to maintain the exterior. Maintenance on the exterior of a home can be as simple as a cleaning out the gutters and washing the windows. In some cases, … [Read more...]