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Economic forecast and home replacement windows: What you should watch for

Local newscasts this morning featured stories of elderly residents planning now for this winter’s fuel costs — chances are fuel oil will cost at least as much as it does today, if not even more. With that in mind, many homeowners are upgrading their homes in an effort to make them more energy efficient, allowing them to save money.

Vinyl home replacement windows are a common and effective way to make your home more energy efficient. Unfortunately, unscrupulous vendors take advantage of economic conditions like those we’re currently experiencing to pressure people — especially seniors! — into buying high-cost, low-quality replacement windows.

We at US Home Windows want every customer to be not merely satisfied but thrilled with their replacement window purchases. For this to happen, you need some information. Here’s what you should expect from a replacement window specialist who has your best interests in mind:

They are willing to spend time with you

Upgrading all the windows in a home is not a quick decision! A reliable replacement window specialist will be willing to discuss the process with you until all of your questions are answered. Additionally, a reliable window specialist will not push or pressure you for a lightning fast decision!

They have questions

Just as you’ll need information from your replacement window specialist, they’re going to need information from you! Don’t be suprised if your replacement window specialist has a lot of questions, from the number of windows in your home to how you use certain rooms to the type of weather and traffic patterns your home is subject to: these questions will help your replacement window specialist make informed recommendations.

They have a great reputation

Do your homework! You want to work with a replacement window specialist who has been in your community for a long time, and has a strong reputation for quality work and top notch customer service!


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