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Economic Stimulus Package Makes NOW the Time to Re-do Your Windows!

Homeowners can save up to $1,500 on qualified home improvement projects as part of the Economic Stimulus Package, which means that this may be the ideal time to replace your existing leaky, single-pane windows with vinyl replacement windows, wood replacement windows,  or fiberglass replacement windows — all of which offer superior energy efficiency, with double or triple pane glass, insulating argon or krypton gas, and insulated, rigid construction frames.

High quality vinyl replacement windows, such as the Alside Excalibur line, offer a cost effective, attractive way to take advantage of government incentive programs. Available in a wide range of styles, with a beveled mainframe design that complements any decor,  these windows are sleek and surprisingly elegant.

When considering vinyl replacement windows, one factor to consider is the maintenance and upkeep.  You’re enjoying savings now, but you want to make sure that those savings extend over the lifetime of your windows! Windows that require annual painting and labor intensive upkeep are not necessarily a good investment of your money.  Alside Excalibur and other high quality vinyl replacement window lines offer the ultimate homeowner benefit: little to no maintenance requirement!  These windows never need painting!  They tilt-in for easy cleaning — you can put that bulky and potentially unsafe ladder away!

Make sure that your replacement window specialist is a qualified installer for the Stimulus Package credit. You will need supporting paperwork to claim your tax savings! Go with an established, respected pro: not some fly by night bargain company.  You’ll be glad you did!