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Exploring Replacement Window Options: Vinyl Replacement Windows

“We just couldn’t agree on anything,” said Amy Rocker.  “This whole remodel was a nightmare — and the windows were the worst.  I wanted wood windows, just like I’d grown up with, and my husband wanted vinyl replacement windows.  He said they were easier to take care of — he never’d have to paint them, and they tilt in to clean — and best of all, they were much more affordable.” 

“But they were white,” her husband, Grant, cut in.  “And we just couldn’t have white indoors.”

“No, we couldn’t,” Amy said.  “It would just look terrible with what we’ve done in here.  Anyways, you see we couldn’t agree — and you’ve got to have windows!”

Luckily for Amy and Grant, there was a workable option.  They didn’t have to choose between the classic traditional styling — and high price tag — of wood replacement windows and the white vinyl replacement windows Amy was imagining.  A visit to thier replacement window specialist revealed that not only were vinyl replacement windows available in a wide range of styles and finishes, with an option for every decor.

As an added bonus, vinyl replacement windows offer superior energy efficiency, particularly when compared to the windows Amy and Grant were replacing.  “Those windows had been in there forever,” Amy said.  “When we bought the house, they were already old.”  Single pane windows, particularly those with leaks or cracks, can be a tremendous source of lost energy, as warmed interior air is released to the outdoors.  “So replacing our old windows with vinyl replacement windows started saving us money right away, just on the heating bill alone!”  Double or triple pane glass vinyl replacement windows, such as the Alside Excalibur line, are idea for homes like Amy and Grant’s.