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Future-Proofing? Why Replacement Windows TODAY Mean a Greener Tomorrow!

Here at US Home Improvement, we thought we’d seen all the latest building terminology.  But then we read about Future-proofing.  At first we didn’t get it: why would you want to build a home to save you from the future?  And what does Future-proofing have to do with selecting the right home replacement windows for your family?

Then we caught on.  Just as Baby-proofing a home ensures that everything’s safe for your little ones, Future-proofing is the art and science of building a home that will be safe, efficient, and most of all, sustainable, in the days to come.

This is actually a fairly radical concept.  For all of recent memory, homes have been built with the underlying assumption that they’d be easy to heat and cool.  This assumption is based on low energy costs — but if you look at the news lately, you’ll discover that energy prices have been anything but low. In fact, they’re hardly what one would call stable!  Last year saw record home heating costs in the Boston area, and we’re hardly alone in that experience.

Future-proofing takes climate change as a given.  The weather we’ve always known may not be what we can expect, going forward.  Summers may be hotter.  Winters, already frigid in this corner of the world, may become even colder.  All of this in the face of unstable energy prices means that an emphasis on energy efficiency and quality construction are absolutely mandatory!

Home replacement windows can play a pivotal role in a home’s overall efficiency.  In fact, installing vinyl home replacement windows, fiberglass home replacement windows, or wood replacement windows can help you reduce your overall energy consumption.  New windows can mean lower utility bills!

Home replacement windows reduce cold air and moisture from entering your living space.  This results in an overall more comfortable living space.  Double or triple pane glass windows, particularly those with insulating gas pockets, help retain warmed air inside.  Older windows can lose as much as 40% of a home’s warmed air — that’s a staggeringly expensive situation to be in!  Reduce this loss and save energy and money by installing high quality vinyl replacement windows, such as Alside’s Excalibur line of windows, today!

By installing vinyl replacement windows, you’re taking a valuable step toward a future-proof home! No matter what the winds of change might bring, you’ll be prepared!