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Garden Windows

Garden windows are very good alternatives to regular windows. They provide a much better look to your home. They also make it look more spacious and make it well lighted. These windows are designed to be very energy efficient. The sill usually contains flower pots. Garden windows originated in Japan. The Japanese have a tradition of using very aesthetically designed bi windows to merge the interior and exterior living spaces. They often have gardens integrated to the living area with big garden windows.

Security can be a big concern for garden windows. For these reasons, there are available double lock latches which are very good options. One of the problems that you can face with garden windows is obstruction of view because of rain. You can solve this by using a front awning or top vent. If you have an awning then you can keep the window open when it rains.

Garden windows can be made from different materials. The most popular material is possibly vinyl. Vinyl is a material made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC, the same PVC that is used in making plastic pipes. They can be of tan, brown, white and other colors. Vinyl is a very god insulator and the best insulator among all the materials used for making garden windows.

If you want to install garden windows in your home here is how you should go about it. You need a budget first. After you have determined your budget, get a good measurement of the spaces where you want to install the garden windows. Odd sized garden windows will always cost more than the standard sizes. Now choose the look and color of the glass. You might want it to be similar to the other windows in the house. You could also want it to be different.  A good way of deciding on exactly what you want is to visit friends who have garden windows installed and take a look.

You can then look up all the local stores for materials, colors and prices. Put in a lot of thought before deciding what to buy and from where to buy. Check with the Better Business Bureau ratings to find the best dealers. Also consider guarantees that are offered over the products. A good way of finding out about a particular manufacturer is to read reviews on the internet. Check to ensure whether the price includes installation, caulking and removal and disposal of the old window.

Once you have installed your garden windows you can begin decorating them. Garden windows are usually decorated with pots containing flower plants. But if you do not have enough sunlight coming in through them you must consider indoor plants as flower plants need a lot of sunlight to survive and for flowers to grow. You may arrange the plants in rows according to height. The cacti and plants requiring more sunlight need to be placed on the outside. You can hang some plants too and can use creepers to hang down from top or grow up along the sides.

Garden windows are definitely very fashionable and to the cost of the house. They make the house feel brighter and warmer as they let in a lot of light and offer good insulation.