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How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

One of the first questions many homeowners ask when considering having replacement windows installed is “How much will it cost to replace all of the windows in my home?”  It can be frustrating to learn that the answer to “How much do replacement windows cost?” is a resounding “It depends.”

Pricing replacement windows can be a confusing task.  There are many variables to take into account.  Let’s look at what influences the price of replacement windows.

Factor Number One: How many replacement windows do you need?

Every house is different.  Some feature a few windows: one to a room, perhaps.  Others feature banks of windows, veritable walls of glass.  Obviously, the more replacement windows you need, the more the job will cost.

Factor Number Two: What size replacement windows do you need?

Despite a common misconception, there is no ‘regular size’ replacement window.  Windows are unique, particularly in older homes.  A reputable replacement window installation specialist will measure your windows: they are NOT one size fits all.  For a replacement window to work optimally, it must be custom fit. This helps reduce or eliminate air and moisture penetration, critical to stopping drafts and cold breezes within the home.  A replacement window will not offer maximum energy efficiency if it is not properly installed; in order for a replacement window to be properly installed it must be the right size.

There is a correlation between the size of a replacement window and how much it costs; exceptionally large replacement windows are more pricier than average.  Additionally, exceptionally small or unusually shaped windows can cost more to replace.

Factor Three: What Type of Replacement Windows are you considering?

There is a tremendous amount of variation in replacement window pricing.  This variation is dependent upon the replacement window’s manufacturer and upon the type of replacement window.  There are wood replacement windows, fiberglass replacement windows, and vinyl replacement windows.  There are also hybrid replacement windows, which use more than one type of material in their construction.  These include vinyl clad replacement windows, for example.  Wood replacement windows are the most expensive option; fiberglass replacement windows and vinyl replacement windows offer superior energy efficiency at a fraction of the price.