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Installing Home Replacement Windows In Your Basement

Basement windows don’t receive a lot of attention. They’re not a focal point, the way an large picture window might be in your living room, nor a bay window in the dining room. However, while they’re often not decorative, basement windows do have several important functions, which you should consider when selecting replacement windows.

Basement windows often provide vital fresh air ventiliation.  Basements can be close, stuffy spaces. Without adequate air exchange, this can be unhealthy.  Additionally, a lack of adequate air circulation can lead to enhanced mold and mildedw growth, which creates countless headaches for the homeowner.  Installing replacement windows in the basement to ensure adequate ventilation can lead to several health benefits.

Often, original construction windows do not open.  Older replacement windows or original basement windows may have been painted shut or damaged over the years.  This makes them difficult, if not impossible, to open.  A closed window provides no fresh air. On the other hand, replacement windows open easily.  In fact, many have specially designed frames which allow a homeowner to have the basement window open enough to facilitate air exchange without presenting an attractive entrance for vermin or thieves.

Security is another concern homeowners must consider.  Missing, weak, or broken windows present an opportunity for would-be thieves to enter your home.  Research has repeatedly shown that the criminal element looks for easy ways to enter a home; if a target is too difficult, they move on.  This is where you can see an immediate benefit to installing home replacement windows in your basement: the rigid construction, triple pane glass, and optional security features can make it anything but easy to get into your basement.

Installing home replacement windows in your basement can enhance the overall energy efficiency of your home.  Often overlooked, basement windows are close to the ground, where the air is coldest.  Energy efficient vinyl home replacement windows can block or minimize that cold air infiltration: double or triple pane glass with insulating gas can help make sure warm air stays in and cold air stays out — which makes for a much warmer living space for everyone above the basement!