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Installing Replacement Windows Increases Comfort, Enhances Pest Control

The quality of education received at an institute of higher learning is dependent upon many things.  One of those things is the comfort of the faculty, staff and students.  Windows can play a pivotal role in comfort according to a recent article in The News Gazette.

With old, single pane leaky and in some cases broken windows, the University of Illinois has had difficulty maintaining consistent interior temperatures. Additionally, the poor repair of the windows allows pests to come into the building — namely bees, which aren’t anyone’s favorite visitor!

This situation is not unfamiliar to many homeowners, who find themselves with less than adequate windows. They may have single pane leaky or damaged windows, such as those the University of Illinois has, or newer original construction windows, selected by the builder to save money, and offering shoddy construction and limited functionality.

Replacing inadequate windows with high quality vinyl replacement windows, such as Alside Excalibur, can change the picture entirely. Because replacement windows are very highly energy efficient, it becomes possible to maintain a consistent interior temperature. No longer do homeowners have to worry about being too cold one moment, far too hot the next: by preventing the loss of heated or cooled air, replacement windows allow homeowners to have the ambient interior temperature of their choosing!

As a nice bonus, replacement windows save you money: retaining the heated or cooled air means you don’t have to generate any more. This means you run your furnace or your air conditioner less: good for the earth, good for your wallet. Replacement windows are ‘green friendly’ on many levels!

Obviously, replacement windows — whether they’re vinyl replacement windows, wood replacement windows, or fiberglass replacement windows — come with two or three intact panes of glass. There are no cracks or breaks allowing pests to come in. When properly installed, not only do replacement windows keep bugs out, they can also significantly reduce or even eliminate entry by air and moisture. This adds years to the life of your home