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Is Your Replacement Window Installation Team Doing A Good Job? A Six Point Checklist!

The day your replacement windows arrive is very exciting — and very nerve-wracking.  Choosing to invest in your home by installing vinyl replacement windows, fiberglass replacement windows, or wood replacement windows is a smart decision.  You want to make sure that your replacement windows are installed correctly to realize the maximum benefit.  Here is a six point checklist you can use to help ensure your replacement windows are installed properly.

Point One: Have you researched the team and their warranties?

One of the first steps in selecting replacement windows is researching the company that sells the windows — and the team they use to install the windows. One of the advantages to buying your windows from a replacement window specialist, rather than a discount store, is that replacement window specialists tend to use their own dedicated team of installers, whereas discount stores subcontract the installation job, often to the lowest bidder.

Make sure to check out the warranties on installation.  A quality replacement window installation team will stand behind their work with a strong guarantee.

Point Two: Are the replacement windows level and square?

Using a level, you’ll want to check that each window is installed properly.  Replacement windows should be level — meaning that when you place a level on the window sill, the bubble should line up precisely between the two markings.  Additionally, windows need to be square.  You can check this with a carpenter’s square or by measuring the windows corner to corner.  The two measurements should be identical.

Point Three: Are the replacement windows plumb?

Replacement windows need to be plumb.  Using your level, check to make sure that your replacement windows are installed straight up and down, not angled to one side or the other.  If a window is not plumb, you have a greater chance of air infiltration and difficulty operating your windows.

Point Four: Do the replacement windows work properly?

Replacement windows should operate effortlessly: you should be able to open and close your windows easily.  Test them all: do they tilt in for easy cleaning? Do the locks work properly?  Check this right away!  If there is a problem, the replacement window team needs to address it.

Point Five: Are the replacement windows sealed and insulated?

Replacement windows are designed to be installed with exterior sealers and insulation both in the frame and beneath the sills.  Check to make sure there are no visible gaps, and that the work is done in a neat, attractive fashion.  You don’t want your replacement window team to skimp on caulk or insulation: this will result in subsequent problems.

Point Six: Has the replacement window installation team cleaned up after themselves?

Installing replacement windows can be a messy job.  A reputable team will clean up after themselves, making sure that there’s no broken glass, debris, or building materials left behind.  Some of these materials can be hazardous, especially to young children, so you want them removed.