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New Tax Stimulus Means the Time for Replacement Windows is Now

Here at US Home Improvement, we’ve long known that replacement windows, particularly vinyl replacement windows, offer superior value, enhance the appearance and comfort level of a home, and help save energy.  That’s why we were particularly happy to hear a story on 90.3 WCPN talking about the impact of the new tax stimulus package will have on homeowner’s ability to enjoy the multiple benefits replacement windows offer.

Under the new stimulus package, homeowners  can get 30% off the cost of new, qualifying windows: a value of up to $1500-far more than previous government incentives for window-buyers.  This savings is delivered as a tax credit, which can result in a significant savings at tax time.  This can mean some extra dollars in your tax refund check, or a reduction of the amount of tax you have to pay.  Either way, it’s a real benefit to homeowners.

This is especially pertinent, as many homeowners are discovering that selling their homes may not be an option.  With a soft market, sticking it out in your existing home may be the best financial decision — so why not be comfortable.  Installing vinyl home replacement windows, particularly vinyl home replacement windows from a leading manufacturer like Alside, can make a real difference in the enjoyment and comfort one experiences inside their home.  By eliminating drafts and minimizing moisture penetration — which can lead to allergy-triggering mold and mildew — vinyl home replacement windows can positively impact your health.  And of course, the superior energy efficiency home replacement windows offer means saving money heating and cooling one’s home.

Home replacement windows are a home improvement that hold their value.  This is a critical consideration for homeowners who plan to sell eventually, but are reconciling themselves to living in their homes for now.  You want to invest your dollars in the upgrades that will pay off when the market improves.  That means that while redoing your kitchen to suit your personal dream vision may be tempting, there’s no guarantee that the potential buyers down the road will value — or be willing to pay for — the same culinary battery you’re enamoured of.  Everyone, however, likes to be warm, dray, and to save money while looking good.  That means that replacement windows is the way to go — and the sweet tax incentives don’t hurt either!