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One Day Savings: Sign Now — And Pay for A Lifetime!

“They told me that if I signed the contract today,” Rosemarie Hutchin said, a thick sheaf of papers in her hand, “they’d drop the price by $1,500 — just because they wanted to use me as a reference.”  She shook her head, sadly.  “I should have known my name wasn’t worth that much money!”

 High pressure sales techniques used by disreputable replacement window salespeople are on the rise: not surprising as the economy tightens, and more and more homeowners are drawn to installing vinyl home replacement windows, fiberglass home replacement windows, and wood replacement windows to capitalize on their energy efficiency and lower home heating costs.  With every dollar dear, high pressure techniques are being used to force individuals into bad decisions.

 Reputable replacement window specialists are proud of the products they represent, and can inform you about how the windows are made, what benefits they offer, and perhaps most importantly of all, how they compare to other replacement windows in the market.

Beware of salespeople who dismiss the competition with a simple “They’re just trash windows” comment.  There are so many high quality replacement windows out there that no reputable replacement window specialist could legitimately say that. 

 Be particularly careful of salespeople who pressure you to make a decision immediately — and those who offer substantial, several hundred or thousand dollar discounts just to get you to sign.  Good replacement windows are a large investment, and responsible, ethical replacement window specialists are willing to take the time to help you make a good decision — not rush you into a bad one!


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