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Replace Your Vinyl Siding This Summer

Replacing your vinyl siding is a big decision where you spent hours researching materials and finding reliable professionals to work on your home. With 25 years of experience, US Home Improvement is an expert in this industry and here to recreate your vision of what you want your home to look like.  Modern vinyl siding is a great investment since its durable, maintenance free, and has many different options.  Here are reasons as to why you should replace your vinyl siding with us this summer!

Contractors:  Summer is the most idea time to get contractors to work on your siding compared to the other seasons. During the summer contractors can complete your home in a timely manner and do their work more efficiently without any weather related issues like snow or rainstorms stopping them. Also since siding contractors normally work during the fall and spring they can make better deals with you during the summer to keep their crews busy. US Home Improvement will make sure you get the fairest deal for your home.

Home Maintenance: Vinyl Siding has little to no maintenance which makes it great for busy homeowners! This type of siding has a low maintenance design which lowers the chance of using potentially harmful chemicals on your homelike stain or paint. Vinyl Siding can maintain the same level of protection and consistency for many years.

Energy Efficient: Not only is vinyl siding ranked the most environmentally friendly exterior cladding but it can last for up to twenty years. With such a long lifespan of vinyl sidings, you don’t have to replace them as often compared to other materials and leads to less replacement waste. Repairing vinyl siding are fairly simple and can be completed with little waste.

Wide Variety: You have a wide variety of styles to choose from with vinyl sidings. This makes it easier to fit your home’s aesthetic and architectural theme.  US Home Improvement carries the full line of Alside and Hardie Vinyl Siding products.

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