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Replacement Window Warranties: Focusing on the Fine Print

Replacement windows are a substantial investment. You’re upgrading your home in an effort to save energy, enhance your home’s appearance, and create a more comfortable living space for your family.

If you’re like most homeowners, it’s not that you mind spending the money. It’s that you want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely! You want to ensure that the vinyl replacement windows, fiberglass replacement windows, or wood replacement windows are a good investment.
That’s why warranties are so important.
Recently, with so many smaller replacement window companies folding, we’ve been hearing a lot of anxiety about replacement window warranties. Here’s what you need to know to put your mind at ease:

Get a Copy of the Actual Warranty

When your windows are installed, insist on being provided with a copy of the actual warranty. You need more than a document that says “These windows carry the Brand X guarantee!” You want the paper that spells out what the Brand X guarantee says: all of the terms and conditions.

Keep this paper in a safe place!

Understand What Is Covered by the Warranty

Read through the fine print. Every replacement window warranty is different. Discover what is covered: the glass, the seals, the frame construction, the hardware. Look for language surrounding conditions of use: are your windows warrantied for residential use? Commercial use? Make sure you read any clauses covering what will void your warranty: painting windows can do this, or having the windows installed by someone other than an authorized replacement window specialist.

Understand Who Is Issuing the Warranty

Generally, the manufacturer’s warranty will cover the windows. Your local replacement window specialist will warranty the installation of the windows.


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