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Replacement Windows: How Do You Know if a Bid is Fair?

Shopping for replacement windows can be confusing and intimidating.  Generally, as a homeowner, you’re operating ‘blind’, making a purchase you don’t know a whole lot about.  Replacement window technology has advanced tremendously over the past few years, and if you’re not up on the energy efficiency features, construction methods, and what windows are best for your given environment, it’s hard to know if a bid given to you by a replacement window specialist is fair or not.

Here’s how you can discover if you’re being quoted accurate prices or if someone’s trying to rip you off:

The Replacement Windows Being Quoted

Are you considering vinyl replacement windows, fiberglass replacement windows, or wood replacement windows? Each type of replacement window has an appropriate application — but there is a range of prices associated with the different types of replacement windows.   Wood replacement windows tend to have the highest prices, while fiberglass and vinyl replacement windows are more cost-effective options.  Make sure you understand what type of replacement windows you’re talking about, and what the average price range for that type of window is.   Your quote should be in keeping with that range.

The Brand of Replacement Windows

There are a number of companies offering high quality replacement windows, including Alside, Harvey, and Anderson.  Other manufacturers present replacement windows that they say ‘are good as’ these top brands — but that’s not necessarily true!  Compare the prices of the replacement window brand you’re being quoted with the prices of established industry leading brands: you shouldn’t be paying as much for no-name windows as others pay for the very best!

The Sales Tactics Being Used

High pressure, rapid fire, intense sales techniques are a definite red flag.  If a contractor wants you to commit to the replacement windows in a hurry, not allowing you any time to check prices, there’s a better than good chance that the quote you’ve been handed is on the high side.  Additionally, look out for quotes given without seeing your house, taking any measurements, or really understanding what your family’s window needs are.