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Replacement Windows in the Winter

Are you trying to cut down your heating or energy bill this winter? Many contractors usually do home renovations in the warmer weathers but US Home Improvement is here for you all year round, which means including the winter! Call US Home Improvement this week to get replacement windows for your home to reduce your heating bill and have a warmer winter! If you feel any air flow coming in from your closed windows or if there is condensation between the two panels of glass in your double pan window, you should be get your windows replaced. If you see condensation on the interior, this means you have a moisture issue in your home that needs to be remedied. To help condensation from happening, leave your blinds slightly open, two inches from the bottom of the windowsill to let warm air penetrate the glass.

If you are in need of a window replacement this winter, contact US Home Improvement at 781-858-6361 or use our contact form to reduce your energy bill and have a warmer home this week!