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Replacement Windows Offer Energy Saving Versatility

A rolling band of thunderstorms brought high winds and driving rains through the neighborhood recently. The winds were strong enough to take out some power lines, plunging an entire community into darkness.

 This wasn’t good news on a hot, steamy summer night, as Renee Montaigne soon discovered. “With no power, the air conditioners weren’t working. It was so hot, you’d never believe how uncomfortable my husband and I were — and the baby! She was sweating from head to toe.”

In an effort to cool things down indoors, Renee attempted to open the windows. No luck: the original construction windows that came with her recently built home weren’t made to open.

“I thought they were stuck, but even my husband couldn’t get them to move!” she explained. “We wound up sitting in the living room with the door open, desperate for some fresh air. Of course we didn’t sleep a wink: who could, with the front door wide open?”

 Renee’s problem is shared by many homeowners plagued by original construction windows. There’s an epidemic of these low-quality windows in the marketplace, installed by contractors desperate to cut costs. The homeowner’s eventual comfort levels and ability to use the windows is never taken into consideration.

“It’s horrible!” Renee said. “We just wanted to cool off. But what if there was a fire and we had to get out? We couldn’t open the windows!”

Replacing original construction windows with a high quality replacement window, such as Alside’s Excalibur windows, can remedy this common problem. Fully functional and built with high quality materials, Alside Excalibur windows allow homeowners to truly enjoy their homes — even when the lights go out.


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