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Replacement Windows: Smart for Small Businesses

As our economy twists and turns, one thing is for certain: the number of small and home based businesses is on the rise.  Buildings that were once our residences — retreats after a long day in the office — have now become our workplace as well!

Considering the home workplace, vinyl replacement windows come to mind.  Home offices have some unique requirements: they must serve as professional space.  This means allowing in enough natural lighting for maximum health benefits: especially in the gray and cloudy Northeast, access to natural light is critical.  Vinyl replacement windows, particularly Alside Excalibur Viny replacement windows, do a great job permitting natural light to come in while keeping cold drafts and breezes out.

 Home offices need to be comfortable spaces: you can not do good work if you’re too hot or too cold — or if you’re worried about valuable heat energy escaping through leaky, drafty windows.  Experts tell us that up to forty percent of a home’s heat energy can be lost through leaky windows — not something that you want to think about when you’re working so hard to ensure there’s money to pay for the heat in the first place!

Because vinyl replacement windows are highly energy efficient, with double or triple pane glass, insulating pockets of inert gas, and high quality rigid construction, they are often an ideal choice for the home office.  Installing vinyl replacement windows in the home office helps lower costs associated with your business, enhancing your profitability.  Think of what you could do with the money you’re currently wasting on lost heat energy!  This could make a real difference in your business: how many more sales would you have in a month, for example, if you had the money you’re currently spending on lost heat on marketing or promotion?