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Replacing Attic Windows, Dormer Windows, and Upstairs Windows

Home replacement windows are a popular upgrade, allowing many homeowners to enjoy enhanced energy efficiency, an improved appearance, better home security, and a more comfortable living space. Often, if a homeowner is not replacing all of the windows in their home at once, they opt to first replace the windows in the rooms that are used most often: the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom.

This is a sensible decision, but it often means other, critical windows are neglected during the process.  For the purposes of this blog entry, we’re going to consider some of those forgotten windows and look at what you need to know about replacing attic windows, dormer windows, and upstairs windows.

Point Number One: Heat Rises!

No matter where you live or what type of home you have, one fact remains consistently true: warmed air rises toward the ceiling and beyond, while cooler air lingers near the floor.  Inefficient attic windows, dormer windows, and windows in upstairs rooms can allow a tremendous amount of this rising warm air to escape into the cold sky — not what any homeowner wants.  Replacing attic windows and dormer windows with vinyl replacement windows, fiberglass replacement windows, or wood replacement windows can minimize this heat loss significantly.  This reduction is due to the enhanced energy efficiency of replacement windows with double or triple pane glass, insulated frames, insulating gas pockets, and low e coatings, such as Alside Excalibur windows.

Bonus Tip: Boost the energy savings by using ceiling fans to push warmed air back down into living areas before it has a chance to escape!

Point Number Two: Replacement Window Size Really Matters!

Attic windows and dormer windows are seldom ‘standard sized’, especially in older homes.  Opting for replacement windows found at a discount store may seem to save some money, but when you take into account the substantial amount of work it will take to properly fit and install these windows, the savings evaporate.  The custom sizing and quality installation associated with top notch replacement windows, such as Champion, Alside, Harvey and Pella, can eliminate both the extra hassle associated with smaller windows and any worries about air and moisture infiltration.


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