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Safety and Security in Troubled Times: Vinyl Replacement Windows

All this week, the economic news has been bad.  Wall Street’s been in a free fall.  The news on the weather page isn’t much better: unseasonably cold temperatures are already starting to arrive, heralding winter’s arrival.  Homeowners who are already pinching pennies have one worried eye on the thermostat: how are they going to stay home this winter?

 Vinyl home replacement windows are part of the answer.  By installing high quality vinyl replacement windows, the average homeowner can save almost $500 a year — especially if the vinyl replacement windows are installed in place of leaky, single pane windows.  The double and triple-pane glass, insulating gas pockets, and low e coatings of today’s vinyl replacement windows offer tremendous energy efficiency to the homeowner. 

 As much as 40 percent of  a home’s energy can be lost through leaky windows and doors.  That’s literally cash escaping from your home: it costs money to warm interior air, and as that warm air escapes, it must be replaced.  The leakier your home is, the harder your heating system has to work.   Reduce that workload, and save wear and tear on your furnace.  That’s an additional savings!

Bear in mind that tax credits and other incentives can result in substantial savings — if you have your replacement windows installed before the cut off deadline.  Check with your tax advisor to find out what incentives are available in your region.  It may work out that you can’t afford NOT to install vinyl home replacement windows!