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Sizzling Summer and Soaring Energy Prices Strengthen Call For Replacement Windows

Can we say “HEAT WAVE”?  Throughout much of the country this week, temperatures have sky-rocketed, sending the mercury soaring. Eighty degrees, ninety degrees, even one hundred degrees! Summer is here, and it’s here with a vengence!

At the same time, energy prices are continuing to rise.  Optimistic reports that we’d hit a peak are apparently incorrect — you need go no further than your nearest gas station to check the numbers!  Yet salaries aren’t growing as rapidly: every dollar has to go further.

That’s why replacement windows are looking particularly attractive for the summer!  Soaring temperatures mean it’s time to run the air conditioner.  If you’ve lucked at your electricity bill lately, you know that’s not an inexpensive proposition.  It costs a lot of money to keep your home cool — and if you have leaky windows that allow all of that expensive cooled air to escape into the great outdoors, the situation becomes even more costly!  Energy experts tell us that a home could lose up to 40% of the cooled interior air — an inexcusable waste, particularly in this economy.

Luckily, there is a solution. Replacement windows — vinyl replacement windows, such as the Alside Excalibur line, fiberglass replacement windows, and wood replacement windows — eliminate the wasteful loss of cooled air.  With triple-pane glass, rigid frame construction, and insulating gas pockets, Alside Excalibur replacement windows can be your secret ally in the battle against the summer sun!

What if you’re not a fan of air conditioners? Funny you should say that.  Replacement windows might be your best friend as well.  Look around your home. How many of your windows open? Do they open easily, or do you have to struggle and strain to lift the sash? Do they stay open in the desired position, or do you have to prop them open?  In many older homes, the existing windows are in poor repair, and do not function properly.  In many newer homes, particularly those built during the late 80’s and early 90’s, builders used original construction windows. These windows were designed to be cheap — and they were! Leaving homeowners with windows that fail to perform as promised.  You can’t open these windows to catch a passing breeze or let some of that summer sunshine in.   Replacement windows, on the other hand, open easily, stay open in the desired position, and close safely and securely when you’re done enjoying the great outdoors.