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Sunrooms Enhance The Value of Your Home

Sunrooms are attractive: many homeowners are drawn to the open, airy feel of a sunroom.  A sunroom offers the perfect compromise between outdoor living and indoor comfort: a critical consideration in the Northeast, particularly Massachusetts, where US Home Improvement is located! 

But are sunrooms a wise investment?  How does installing a sunroom impact the value of your home?  Will a sunroom increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell?

 There are three primary benefits to installing a sunroom.  Sunroom fans will rejoice, as they all enhance the value of the residence and make installing a sunroom more than a pleasure — they’re almost a necessity!

Sunrooms make your house larger.

Sunrooms can enhance the value of a home by increasing the amount of square footage that is considered living space. This is so obvious that many potential sunroom owners almost overlook it!Due to the low cost and quick installation of sunrooms, they are a cost effective way to add square footage to a small home.They are also an excellent way of bringing natural light into the entire house, making existing rooms appear larger and more open.

Sunrooms let in natural light.

Almost every day, a new study is released touting the benefits of natural light. From improving mood to helping with vitamin absorption, there are a number of reasons why home owners want the maximum amount of natural light possible.  This is also attractive to would-be buyers: real estate agents across the nation agree that an open, welcoming, gracious space with natural lighting helps a home sell itself!

Sunrooms can lower energy bills

The advances in replacement window technology have made sunrooms surprisingly energy efficient. Of particular interest here, sunrooms can be warmed naturally during the winter, a benefit that is considerable in colder climates. Modern sunrooms can be added that include special insulation and ventilation systems, making them energy efficient and usable year-round.