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The Fundamentals Of Bay Windows

Do you want a splash of elegance to your living room? Opt for bay windows and see the difference that is makes to your room décor. Bay windows are three windows that are joined together to form a larger unit. They usually protrude from the house at an angle of 30 and 45 degrees and there are some bay windows that also protrude at an angle of 60 and 90 degrees.                                                        

The advantages of bay windows are that they provide your home with better light and give you enhanced outside views. They also have the added advantage of giving you style and space and if you are looking for all of the above than installing a bay window is indeed a good choice.

If you have a small house or space you can add that extra valuable space by installing bay windows in your home. They give you a more spacious and can transform many small places into relaxing places to sit and read the newspaper or even drink coffee. They also lend an aesthetic value to your home and also have impressive looks. They give you more ventilation and sunlight. This is possible because their angles allow light from multiple degrees. As for looking outside these windows are ideal as they give you a better landscape view or neighborhood view.

Bay windows are available in wood, vinyl and clad. The wooden bay windows need a little more maintenance than the rest of the other windows. There are the vinyl windows that are maintenance free and they look good in living rooms and kitchens. The clad windows are the best of both and they are very affordable at the same time. They are a little more expensive than the vinyl windows and they generally have a wood clad interior frame. The triple paned windows are suited for cooler climates and they are a little more expensive than the above options. These windows save up to 25% more energy than the other windows. You also have the option of opting for argon filled or low e-glazed windows that let out solar heat in the cold and they have the ability to reflect heat in the summer time. This helps you to save on energy

In order to do up your bay windows you can opt for the bay window treatments that are available in the market. These bay window treatments transform your window and give you the additional extra space that you need. You should consider buying good quality bay window curtains to make your bay windows attractive appealing. You can get good bay window treatments from interior decoration stores or you can also hire an interior decorator that will give you the best designs for your bay window.

Thus, with bay windows you not only beautify your home but you can also give yourself that additional space that you are looking for. Ensure that you get your bay windows from the best window stores so that you can get unmatched and good quality. These windows are suited for both conventional and modern homes so you do not have to worry about how they will suit your house. They are cost effective and give you sunlight and space…so get them today and enhance the beauty of your home!


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