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Tips for Door Installations: Professional vs DIY

A door installation whether you are a professional or not is no easy task. If you are trying to install a door yourself, it helps if the door isn’t heavy or intricate. Doors that are more elaborate should be handled by a professional contractor, especially an entry door since you need to make sure everything is measured out properly. Here are tips to consider if you are trying to install a door yourself or through a professional.

Installing a replacement door by yourself can be done simply by using lighter weight doors leading to the bathroom or bedroom. Place the new door in the same spot as the old door and replace the hinges to the frame with new screws. These doors are much easier to move around and positioned in the door frame with little effort.

Larger doors that include custom designs, sidelights, and transom will require a professional contractor to replace the door since they have the proper tools and experience to handle this project. The reasoning is because, when installing exterior doors, one has to consider how to protect the home from the elements and still provide the best energy efficiency benefits. If you are trying to install a replacement door yourself such as an entry door, then make sure the door is secure so no one can break in your home and that there are no gaps where pests or water can sneak through your house. The time saved by hiring a contractor can be an advantage since you would not have to worry about the door proportions being wrong or the door being dented or scratched.

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