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Understanding Payback: How Vinyl Replacement Windows Pay for Themselves

“Home replacement windows pay for themselves!”  It’s a common phrase you’ll hear time and again while shopping for replacement windows.  But how true is it? How does payback work? How much money will you save, and how quickly can you recoup the cost of having replacement windows installed?

Replacement windows pay for themselves by saving you money on other expenses — namely heating and cooling.  Much of a home’s energy can be completely lost through leaky windows and doors — if you have single pane glass windows, you can have as much as 40% of your home’s heat escaping to the great outdoors without ever noticing it!

Modern replacement windows, particularly highly efficient vinyl replacement windows, such as Alside Excalibur, keep that heated, expensive air inside where it belongs.  This allows you to maintain a more comfortable living environment without continually running your heat.  If you look at the money saved by running your heating system less often, and compare it to the costs of having replacement windows installed, it’s pretty easy to extrapolate the rate of payback.   Realistic estimates (which are dependent upon home size and the type of windows being replaced, as well as the type of replacement windows you’re installing) for payback range between 8-15 years.  If you’re planning on staying in your home, that’s the blink of an eye.  If you’re planning on selling your home before the payback period plays out, you should know that home replacement windows are one of the most attractive, appealing upgrades buyers are looking for.

Bear in mind that heating and cooling costs are not the only savings associated with home replacement windows.  Let’s look at some of the other ways replacement windows can save you money.

By preventing or minimizing air and moisture intrusion, replacement windows can make it easier to control the humidity within your home — a major contributing factor in controlling the growth of mold and mildew, including the dreaded toxic black mold.  Reclaiming a home from black mold growth can easily cost thousands of dollars.

The same air and moisture penetration that facilitates mold and mildew growth within your home also brings in environmental allergens and irritants.  How much do you spend on over the counter allergy remedies? How about doctor’s visits, co-pays, testing? How much time do you miss from work, bringing children with stuffy heads and runny eyes to see the pediatrician?  These costs add up: compare them to the cost of installing replacement windows. While replacement windows can’t eliminate all exposure to environmental allergies, they can certainly help you control and minimize the effect pollen, dander, and chemicals have on your life.

Finally, can you put a price on peace of mind and security?  Broken, weak, and sub-standard windows present two security hazards to your family: bad guys can get in, and if there’s a fire or other emergency, these windows can slow your ability to get out!  Fully functional, working, secure replacement windows offer safety and security: a priceless commodity that’s hard to value.

Factor in the health benefits, safety and security, and energy savings, and it’s clear how replacement windows pay for themselves!