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Vinyl Replacement Windows: A Great Gift for Mom & Dad!

As you can imagine, we here at US Home Windows keep a pretty good eye on what’s going on on the internet about replacement windows.  A home replacement window specialist has to be in the know, after all!

 This morning, we stumbled across a blog article about replacement windows as a gift to the homeowner.  It was a great article, but it missed a great point: Vinyl replacement windows can be a fantastic gift to give someone you love.  Vinyl replacement windows are particularly valuable to our older loved ones — and when times are tight, you want to make sure that every gift you give truly improves the recipients’ lives.  This makes vinyl replacement windows the ideal gift! 

If you’re among that select group of people who have parents that are getting older, pay attention!  Finding gifts for Mom and Dad is tricky most of the time anyway.  This year, you may want to consider giving them vinyl replacement windows as a gift — a gift for them and a gift for you!

Your parents will appreciate the clean look of home replacement windows — particularly if they haven’t been able to do an upgrade in a while. The easy tilt-in feature makes cleaning a snap — and it means you don’t have to worry about Mom or Dad standing on a ladder, washing windows!  Same thing for maintenance: vinyl home replacement windows never need painting, so Dad doesn’t have to drag out the paint and brushes every spring.  That’s one less job he has to do — and more time he can spend enjoying himself.

 Finally, giving your parents vinyl replacement windows, such as the Alside Excalibur line, can be a financial gift.  The energy efficiency vinyl replacement windows offer, including the ability to keep warmed air in and cool air out, help control heating costs.  Additionally, because your parents will not be exposed to chilly breezes and drafts once vinyl replacement windows are installed, they’ll be healthier — which saves money and more importantly, gives  you more time to enjoy with them.  It’s a gift for everyone!