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Who Should Install My Replacement Windows?

Replacement window installation is a major concern.  Replacement window performance is, in many ways, dependent upon the quality of the installation job. This is true for every type of replacement window: whether you select vinyl replacement windows, wood replacement windows, or fiberglass replacement windows, correct installation is essential.

Budget conscious homeowners often try to purchase replacement windows from a discount store and install them themselves.  Unless they have extensive remodeling experience, this can be a mistake: it is not easy to properly install a replacement window in a manner that ensures optimal energy efficiency and the desired reduction in air, moisture, and noise penetration.  Additionally, replacement windows can be heavy and difficult to handle: the potential for injuring oneself during the installation process is not insubstantial.

Discount stores often work with contractors who can install the replacement windows for you.  Generally, these contractors are selected solely by price: discount stores tend to work with the lowest bidder so they can enjoy the greatest possible margin on the installation process.  Ask yourself if you really want your home worked on by the lowest bidder?  If they’re not making good money on the job, are they going to take the time and make the effort to ensure your windows are installed properly?

Some homeowners buy the windows and then independently find a contractor who will install them.  If you have experiencing in hiring and working with contractors, this can be okay — but you’re opening yourself to potential headaches if this a new experience for you.  There are some contractors who won’t show up, who will do sub-standard work, who will take advantage of the hospitality of your home and disregard the care of your things… the list goes on and on. If you opt for this route, make sure to do extensive due diligence and research before selecting a contractor.  Check references and be prepared to spend a not inconsiderable amount of time supervising the project.

For the minimal amount of time and effort on your part, you’ll want to have your replacement window specialist use their team of installers.  Many major window manufacturers require that certified, trained, approved technicians install their products — failing to do so will void the window warranty. There are other advantages to having a replacement window installation team install your replacement windows.  Generally, they work faster (due to tremendous experience doing this specific job — something you won’t get from a general contractor!) and more efficiently, they have the manpower and equipment to handle heavy, oversized replacement windows (something few homeowners have) and they’re insured to handle the job.

You have many choices when it comes to replacement window installation options; but going with the pros is the best one!