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Types of Replacement Windows Offered

There are many different types of replacement windows to choose from. For low-income homes, energy efficient windows can make a huge difference in energy costs, both short term and long term. This is especially true when all windows in the home are replaced with their energy efficient cousins.

If you do not want to take the energy efficient route, you can still save on your energy bill by using window treatments such as drapes or curtains to act as added insulation against invading temperatures. This will also free you up to consider a wider range of replacement window businesses offer to fit both your budget and home style. While vinyl windows are typically less expensive than their wood or metal counterparts, you can sometimes find recycled wood or metal windows that have been liberated from old buildings.

Replacing a window is not as complicated as it would seem. A home-improvement savvy homeowner can complete a replacement in the space of an afternoon, although the process can be a bit overwhelming to someone who has never done it before. We recommend observing a professional performing an installation before attempting it on your own. For more information about replacement windows in Peabody, Reading and the Greater Boston areas, contact US Home Improvement today!