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Home Replacement Windows Save Energy Today and Tomorrow

"It’s amazing," Jeff Riggle said. "We saw a savings of almost $700 on our fuel oil bill this winter -- and the only thing we did differently is replacing the windows." Riggle and his wife replaced 15 windows in their home with Alside Sheffield windows, a high end vinyl replacement window. Most of … [Read more...]

Home Replacement Windows: Act Now to Save Money At Tax Time

I don’t know about you, but tax planning is not my favorite activity in the world. Not when I could be doing something really fun, like planning a renovation of my kitchen, or figuring out where to add a sunroom, or figuring out how to brighten up the family room. Luckily, sometimes you can combine … [Read more...]

How do home replacement windows affect a home's resale value?

Getting a home ready for resale can be one of the most stressful things you’ve ever done. There’s so many things to do: closets to clean, floors to mop, your teenager’s collection of scantily-clad pop star posters forcibly removed from their walls. It’s all worth it, because this work makes it … [Read more...]

Vinyl Replacement Windows Offer Effortless Maintenance

One of the primary reasons homeowners opt for home replacement windows is to eliminate some of the work and effort required to keep older windows looking good. For the ultimate in effortless maintenance, you’ll want vinyl replacement windows. Why? Older windows are often made from wood or aluminum. … [Read more...]

Improving Energy Efficiency With Home Replacement Windows

"I want to improve my home’s energy efficiency," said Michael French, "but I’m not sure where to start. What changes can I make that offer me the most immediate results? What will save me the most energy?" If you’re like Michael, concerned with saving energy and money, you may be puzzled about home … [Read more...]

Replacing Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are many a homeowner’s favorite feature: combining the look of a window with the functionality of a door, sliding glass doors offer the best of both worlds. That is, of course, if the sliding glass door is in good shape. That’s not always the case. Not all sliding glass doors … [Read more...]

Why are home replacement windows so expensive?

You don’t have to research home replacement windows long before you discover one over-riding fact: home replacement windows are expensive. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for vinyl home replacement windows, fiberglass home replacement windows, aluminum home replacement windows or wood home … [Read more...]

Energy Star Windows

If you’re a homeowner researching vinyl home replacement windows or fiberglass home replacement windows, chances are you’ve seen the advice time and time again, "Just look for the Energy Star label." That sounds simple -- but if you’re not sure exactly what the Energy Star label signifies, you may … [Read more...]

Foggy No More: Dual Pane Windows Then & Now

Captive clouds, home grown mist, the family fog -- no matter what you call it, the condensation that would accumulate in double pane windows was the bane of many homeowner’s existence. Fogging problems with double pane windows were chronic for a long time, discouraging many homeowners from exploring … [Read more...]

Sheffield Vinyl Windows: Framing the Holiday View

In just a few days, our nation will be celebrating Independence Day. Hometown parades and nighttime fireworks extravaganzas are all part and parcel of the Fourth of July -- and how much more wonderful these events will be when viewed through Sheffield Vinyl Windows. Make no mistake: the choices you … [Read more...]