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Home Replacement Windows Features

Windows frame the world, giving us a way to look out at the world surrounding our cozy homes. They allow light in, and add an air of elegance and ease to almost any space. But that’s not all replacement windows do. Advances in glass technology and replacement window construction have resulted in a … [Read more...]

Locating Reputable Window Companies

Deciding that your windows need replacing is the first step. The next thing homeowners have to face is how to locate a reputable replacement window company. The relationship you have with your replacement window specialist is critical: you need to be able to trust this person and their professional … [Read more...]

The Best Vinyl Windows: There Is A Difference

"I can go buy a vinyl window for $150 at the home improvement store," Meredith said. "Why in the world should I pay three times that from you?" It’s not an uncommon question. Why is there such a substantial price difference between vinyl windows? Are the vinyl home replacement windows you get from … [Read more...]

Vinyl Replacement Windows Increase Curb Appeal

If you’ve been trying to sell your home, you know how tough it is out there. A flooded marketplace makes selling any property difficult: homeowners need any and every edge possible to make their homes appealing. Vinyl replacement windows can provide that edge. Home buyers shop with their eyes first … [Read more...]

Vinyl Home Replacement Windows & Security

How safe are your windows? Increasingly, security concerns are becoming very important to America’s homeowners. Crime rates are rising in some areas, with home intrusions reaching an all-time home. The integrity of your home -- and the safety of your family -- may rest in part on your … [Read more...]

Home Replacement Windows: Do It Right, Do It Once

Home replacement windows can be a homeowner’s dream come true, offering an improved appearance, enhanced energy efficiency, and renewed enjoyment of one’s living space. Or, if you have an experience like Cassandra Holmes, home replacement windows can be a nightmare. "I should have known better." … [Read more...]

Replacement Windows Enhance Educational Environment

We admit it: here at we might pay a little more attention to the news when the stories are about replacement windows. A recent piece in the Scituate Mariner caught our eye, as it talked about how replacement windows, recently installed at Wampatuck Elementary, have enhanced the … [Read more...]

Awning Windows Offer Many Benefits

Home replacement windows are available in many styles. You can select double-hung windows, casement windows, sliding glass doors, patio doors and custom shapes. Another option, and one that’s rapidly gaining in popularity is the awning window. Awning windows are available as vinyl home replacement … [Read more...]

Discount Replacement Windows and Doors: What's The Real Cost?

“I told my Dad how much my home replacement windows were going to cost, and he almost had a heart attack!” Renee is a first time homeowner, having purchased a small two story starter home a little over a year ago. “He told me I could go to Home Depot and pick up windows that were just as good for … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Replacement Windows: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Home replacement windows can have many health benefits, particularly for people with allergies or environmental sensitivities. Today we’re going to take a look at the role home replacement windows can have in the lives of people who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). People who have MCS, … [Read more...]