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Giving Thanks!

As the scent of turkey starts to waft through the air, and we find ourselves hankering after some cranberry sauce, we thought we'd revisit one of our favorite blog posts ever: Happy Thanksgiving from the US Home Improvement Team. On this special day, we’d like to express our gratitude to our … [Read more...]

Safety and Security in Troubled Times: Vinyl Replacement Windows

All this week, the economic news has been bad.  Wall Street's been in a free fall.  The news on the weather page isn't much better: unseasonably cold temperatures are already starting to arrive, heralding winter's arrival.  Homeowners who are already pinching pennies have one worried eye on the … [Read more...]

Replacement Windows: Smart for Small Businesses

As our economy twists and turns, one thing is for certain: the number of small and home based businesses is on the rise.  Buildings that were once our residences -- retreats after a long day in the office -- have now become our workplace as well! Considering the home workplace, vinyl replacement … [Read more...]

Looking at a Brighter Tomorrow Through Vinyl Home Replacement Windows

At last the election is over -- after the longest campaign in recent memory, we have a new president.  No matter what your political viewpoints are, we're all in the same boat: it's time to look forward! Consider the future of your home, as you look into the future.  Do you have a great view of … [Read more...]