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Archives for April 2009

Replacing Attic Windows, Dormer Windows, and Upstairs Windows

Home replacement windows are a popular upgrade, allowing many homeowners to enjoy enhanced energy efficiency, an improved appearance, better home security, and a more comfortable living space. Often, if a homeowner is not replacing all of the windows in their home at once, they opt to first replace … [Read more...]

Should You Use A Replacement Window Finding Service?

Here at US Home Improvement, we're seeing lots of online activity about 'new' replacement window finding services.  These websites will, for 'free', take some information about your upcoming renovation plans.  They purport to match you with the best replacement window company for your project. It … [Read more...]

Installing Home Replacement Windows In Your Basement

Basement windows don't receive a lot of attention. They're not a focal point, the way an large picture window might be in your living room, nor a bay window in the dining room. However, while they're often not decorative, basement windows do have several important functions, which you should … [Read more...]

Future-Proofing? Why Replacement Windows TODAY Mean a Greener Tomorrow!

Here at US Home Improvement, we thought we'd seen all the latest building terminology.  But then we read about Future-proofing.  At first we didn't get it: why would you want to build a home to save you from the future?  And what does Future-proofing have to do with selecting the right home … [Read more...]