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Choosing a Replacement Window Company During the Recession: What You Need To Know

Choosing the right replacement window and door company can be difficult during the best of times — and if you’ve glanced at the financial pages lately, you know that these are not the best of times.  The economy’s tanking, and newspaper pages are full of stories of replacement window dealers and manufacturers going bankrupt, restructuring, or failing to honor their warranties.

This is troubling news, particularly for homeowners who are trying to do everything possible to cut energy costs and save money.  In Baltimore, for example, energy costs have skyrocketed, leaving homeowners with four digit electric bills.  That’s something no one can afford.

 The question then becomes how do you select a replacement window company that’s dependable, that’s reputable, that’s going to stand by its word and fix it if you have a problem?  There are steps a homeowner can take to ensure that they’re picking the best replacement window company possible, and avoid becoming another sad newspaper story.

ONE: You find the replacement window company.  The replacement window company does not find you!

High pressure telemarketers, aggressive door to door sales people, and flyers left on the windshield of your car while you’re grabbing the week’s groceries are not confidence inspiring signs. You are the homeowner — you are the one to decide when it is time for replacement windows, and what your needs are!

TWO: Do Your Research

When considering a replacement window company, do your research!  Go online — and not just to the replacement window company’s website.  Google the company name + complaints.  Check rating sites like Angie’s List.  Call the Better Business Bureau for your location and find out if the company has a good reputation: if there are a number of outstanding complaints, you’ll want to back away.

Three: Consider Every Party

When you’re buying replacement windows, you’re dealing both with a replacement window specialist and the manufacturers they represent.  Make sure you know who makes the windows you’re buying, and take the time to research the financial health of that company.  You want to know that they’re still going to be around if you have trouble down the road!