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Installing Replacement Windows: A Do It Yourself Job?

Considering home replacement windows? There are many reasons to do so.  Home replacement windows offer the homeowner enhanced energy efficiency, which means more affordable heating and cooling bills. The insulated frames and rigid construction of high quality replacement windows, such as the Alside Excalibur Vinyl replacement windows, help reduce air and moisture penetration, which can positively impact your health, and make your family more secure.

High quality replacement windows are an investment: most homeowners can reasonable expect to spend several thousand dollars on the job. With economic circumstances tighter than ever, many homeowners are looking for ways to save money. This raises the immediate question: is installing replacement windows a do it yourself job?

Most construction and home renovation experts say “No!”  even if the homeowner possesses better than average remodeling skills.  Here’s why:

Look at the Time

If you’ve never installed home replacement windows before, you’re going to be learning ‘on the job’.  This, in and of itself, adds a considerable amount of time to the job.  Where is this time coming from? Are you taking hours off from work? Losing precious weekend time with your family or friends? Trying to squeeze extra hours in an already packed day? A home replacement window installation team already knows how to do the job and can get the task done in a minimal amount of time.

Look At the Logistics

Replacement windows — vinyl replacement windows, wood replacement windows, and fiberglass replacement windows — are heavy.  They’re awkward to move around — not to mention lifting up into place on a second or third floor!  Add sliding glass doors, patio doors, or French doors into the mix, and you compound the problem.  A home replacement window installation team has the manpower and training to make moving multiple heavy windows a snap.

Look at the Legal-ese

Check out the fine print on the contract and guarantees for your home replacement windows.  Many times, the protections offered in these documents are dependent upon having the windows installed by a qualified, approved team. You’re not considered a member of that team — so opting to install your windows yourself can void that guarantee.  If something goes wrong, you’ll be on your own.