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Replacement Windows Healthier for Children: 3 Benefits You Need to Know

If you’re a parent, you know that nothing is more precious than your child’s good health. Our first priority is to help our children achieve and maintain ultimate wellness. That’s why we buy fruits and vegetables. That’s why we visit the pediatrician so often the nurses know us by name. And increasingly, we look to our homes and the impact they have upon our physical well being.

There are three top benefits where replacement windows — whether they’re vinyl replacement windows, fiberglass replacement windows, or wood replacement windows — can help you create a healthy environment for your kids.

Benefit #1: Eliminate a Common Source of Lead Exposure

Lead — a naturally occurring element that was once commonly used in house paint — can severe negative impact on children’s health. Behavioral problems, hearing and learning imparment, and delayed growth can all result from lead poisoning. By replacing older windows, which may have been painted with lead paint, with vinyl replacement windows, fiberglass replacement windows, or wood replacement windows, you can eliminate one of the most common sources of lead exposure — interior windowsills painted with lead-based paint.

Benefit #2: Minimize Exposure to Environmental Allergens

Modern replacement windows minimize both air and moisture penetration, which means that exterior air stays outside. That’s great news, especially for children who have allergies. Many allergens are air-borne — which means that when a chilly draft sneaks through your leaky windows, pollen, dander, dust, or man made irritants come along for the ride. Replacement windows allow you to take greater control of your interior air quality, which means everyone can breathe a little easier!

Benefit #3: Reduce Ambient Noise

Honking horns, screeching brakes, the melodious early morning journey of the street sweeper. Lawn mowers and noisy neighbors. We live surrounded by noise that makes it into our homes — distracting kids who are trying to do homework, hang out with their friends, or simply sleep through the night. Healthy kids need eight to ten hours of uninterrupted sleep — and grades go up when there’s a quiet place to study! Modern replacement windows help buffer exterior noise so your home can be a restful oasis in the midst of the world’s chaos.