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Replacement windows the best choice

With rising heat and cooling costs, homeowners are faced with a very important choices when updating their windows. Energy efficient replacement windows have been around for over 25 years. The standard replacement window comes in double pane glass that has low-e glass and can have argon gas in between the two sheets of glass. These replacement windows are a big improvement over old single pane windows with storm windows. Standard replacement windows have a U value of between 0.35 to as low as 0.29.

Today, homeowners can chose to upgrade to triple pane replacement windows. Triple pane has three sheets of glass with two insulating gas filled spaces and two coats of low-e. Triple pane replacement windows are the most energy efficient windows you can get for your home, and they have U values from 0.23 to as low as 0.15. As you can see, they can be twice as efficient as double pane.

If you have waited many years to update your old windows, you should consider using the best replacement window and that is clearly triple pane.