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Thanksgiving Means Gratitude!

Tomorrow, all across this nation, families will sit down together and celebrate Thanksgiving.  Roast turkey and pumpkin pie get a lot of the attention, but the real focus of this day is right in the name.  It’s a day to give thanks, for the people, places, and things that have made our lives better.

We here at US Home Windows would like to take this moment to thank you, our readers, neighbors, customers, and friends.  Each and every one of you have influenced the way we do business, whether it’s with questions about selecting the best replacement windows, the referral passed along to a friend, the reference you provided when asked about the quality of work we do, and even the friendly nods, smiles, and comments.  It all matters, and we’re grateful.

Small moments can have a large impact.  We talk here, a lot, about how making relatively minor changes to your home — let’s say installing a replacement window in the bathroom — can provide large results in your life.  In this case, just to finish the example, we’d say installing a replacement window in the bathroom could cut down on the chances of sill rot, eliminate uncomfortable drafts, provide an enhanced sense of security and more.  But life is about more than replacement windows.  Those small moments occur throughout our homes, throughout our businesses, and throughout our lives.

On this special day, we’d like to pause and celebrate those moments.  To say Thank You for every gesture, every inspiration, every bit of encouragement and every time someone made us smile.   Thank you.  It is truly appreciated. Replacement windows Ma.