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The Farmer’s Almanac Forecasts Make Replacement Windows More Appealing Than Ever

You can plan your winter activities based upon reports from the Weather Channel and powerful satellite technology — or you can turn to that traditional source of wisdom, the Farmer’s Almanac.  For generations, the Farmer’s Almanac has been a trusted resource, especially when it comes to seasonal weather predictions.

This year, the Farmer’s Almanac is promising that the Northeast will have a winter with cold and snowy conditions — not surprisingly! Before those first flakes start to fly, savvy homeowners will begin thinking about making sure they’re warm and comfortable through the coldest quarter of the year.

Replacement windows can play a pivotal role in your home’s comfort!  Vinyl replacement windows, such as Alside Excalibur windows, fiberglass replacement windows, and wood replacement windows can all contribute significantly to the overall energy efficiency of your home.  Using triple pane glass, quality construction, insulated frames, and other energy saving features, replacement windows help retain warmed air inside.

During a New England winter, that warm air is crucial.  Maintaining a warm interior environment is about more than comfort.  It’s essential for health, particularly in this season when Swine Flu is such a concern!  Younger family members and older loved ones, particularly those with compromised immune systems, need all the protection they can get.

Additionally, when we know that cold and snowy conditions are ahead, we know that heating costs are going to be high. By retaining warmed air, replacement windows help keep the heating budget under control. In fact, considering that as much as 40% of a building’s heat can be lost through leaky windows and doors, replacement windows are an investment that rapidly pay for themselves while tey increase your quality of life.


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