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Worried About Winter? The Benefits of Alside Excalibur Windows

Hurricane Ike has just finished moving through the region, and in that mighty storm’s wake, we find the first hints of winter’s impending arrival. Nothing’s going to stop the cold weather from coming. With the cost of home heating rising every single day, it’s time to consider how vinyl replacement windows can help you save money and stay warm while winter winds blow.

In this piece, we’re going to talk specifically about Alside Excalibur windows, as Alside Excalibur windows offer the ultimate in energy efficiency, durable and attractive construction, and functionality, all at an affordable price.

Alside Excalibur windows feature fusion-welded mainframes and sashes. This means that your windows are designed to stand up to tough New England winters. They’re not going to buckle and bend when the wind delivers freezing rain. Sloped sills help deflect rain and melting snow away from your window, reducing moisture penetration — a major source of energy loss, mold, mildew, and cold drafts.

Alside Excalibur windows also have insulated glass units, with PPG Intercept Warm Edge Spacer Systems. What this means for you is an energy efficient unit, designed to keep warm interior air inside and frigid winter wind out. The more warm air that stays in, the less you have to run your furnace — saving energy and money!

Finally, we all want to have an attractive home. Our homes are sources of pride to us: we want to be able to show our colleagues and peers an impressive facade. We want our neighbors to be happy we live close by! Our homes are a tangible demonstration of the love and respect we have for our families. Alside Excalibur windows feature a slimline, crisp style that works with almost every decor, highlighting your dedication to quality and comfort!


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